We create code we're proud of.
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Your ideas, our code.
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We are a group of passionate programmers and designers.

We used to work for big companies like IBM and Rule Financial, however, we felt that our creativity was not fully used in these settings.Now we work independently with companies from all over the world delivering high quality software.We work in agile manner, which means that you will often see the effect of our work, you will be able to influence what we do next, and you can be sure of high quality.

Our aim is to create software code we are proud of and which fulfill our customer's needs.However, beside from coding we do a lot of other stuff like: bike riding, wine testings, hiking, meeting new people and learning new skills.

Are you looking for a team full of ideas and technological skills?Let us know what you're after and we can show you how we could help you. Let's talk.


Your ideas, our code.

Web and mobile applications are what we do in our business and free time. We create both browser side and server side code and also apps for iOS. In our projects we use Java, Scala, JavaScript (browser & NodeJS) and ObjectiveC and we choose the technology which best suits the given project. We love challenges, so even if we don't know particular framework or technology we are eager to learn it.

We work both with well established companies which need applications for their business. We also work with startups which have ideas but need someone to help with coding. We can help you in every phase of the project, from analysis of your needs and requirements, through design and coding, to delivery and deployment.

Our team is devoted to your satisfaction. We truly believe that Agile project management is the way to achieve it. We will finish your project on time with high quality code and beautiful design. Let's talk.


We created and helped to develop the following projects:

Our offices are situated in Poznań, in center of Poland, only 220 km from Berlin and 2h from London and one skype call from wherever you are. Let's talk.


Let's get together and create a piece of great software for you and your business. The time is now. Go for it.